Mid-Year Round-Up: Our Low-FODMAP Favorites of 2019 (So Far!)

Just like we did at the end of 2018, we want to share some of the fabulous low-FODMAP recipes we’ve discovered in the first part of 2019. Get ready for happy tastebuds!

Rachel Pauls’ Low-FODMAP One Pan Italian Chicken and Veggies

Have a family function coming up where you need to make large quantities of something? Give this Italian chicken and veggies recipe a try! We’ve served it on several occasions, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser because of its flavorful, tender chicken and delish veggies.  The only difference we’ve noticed is that the chicken breasts we use take closer to 30-35 minutes to cook instead of the 15-20 minutes the author suggests.  Make sure you allow for that additional time if you choose to make this recipe, and if you are unsure of how to know when the chicken is done, pierce it with a fork in the thickest portion of the chicken breast – if the juices run clear, you are good to go.  One other ingredient note: we make our own Italian seasoning instead of using the one advertised in this recipe…it’s easy-peasy and isn’t nearly as expensive to make it yourself!

Rachel Pauls’ Macaroni and Cheese

This macaroni and cheese recipe is touted as a kids’ favorite recipe…but it’s an adult favorite, too, at least in our household! We made this as a side dish at a big family function a few months ago, and everyone loved it. Now we’ll make it every once in awhile as a main dish with some carrots and green beans on the side (we do half of the original recipe in this case and typically have leftovers). As you’ll see, there are some coconut milk ingredients – these only add a tiny hint of coconut, so don’t worry about that if you aren’t a fan. Also, we like our mac-n-cheese creamy, so we don’t bake it in the oven the way the original recipe recommends. Instead, we take it from pot to plate and sprinkle a tiny bit of cheddar on top – absolutely magnificent!  Just watch out – you could overdo on your daily cheese and butter FODMAP limits if you aren’t careful.

Fody Foods Salsa Salmon Burgers

So, this salsa salmon meal is a pretty interesting one.  When I first saw the recipe, I was intrigued by the combination of ingredients…and that made me want to try it.  Of course, we did, and it is really good in its own unique way!  The salsa and spices in the mixture give just a hint of Tex-Mex flavor, but the salmon really shines through most.  We served with a little more salsa and some gluten-free tortilla chips (be careful for FODMAP limits if your chips have corn in them – we stick to around twelve strips).  The recipe author suggests eating with cheese, lettuce, and a tiny bit of avocado if you’d like.  We’ll try it this way in the future, I’m sure…but I wanted to get a feel for the patties by themselves on our first try (when I took this picture).   A very enjoyable meal!  One more detail to note: we cut the recipe in half for the two of us, and the patties were still HUGE.  If you are only making patties for two people and don’t want leftovers, you’d probably be just fine to cut the recipe down to a fourth…especially if you eat them on a bun!

Rachel Pauls’ Low-FODMAP French Toast

We actually made this french toast recipe for dinner one Saturday night, and I’m so glad we did. As you know, I’m a big breakfast-for-dinner eater, so this was a special treat. Pair the french toast with some pure maple syrup (remember your FODMAP limits for maple syrup) and a side of bacon (we prefer Boar’s Head) for a holiday/special occasion breakfast (or dinner!). Word to the wise, though – don’t leave the bread to soak in the egg mixture for 3 minutes on each side. We did this on the first piece and it was so mushy by the end of it, we couldn’t get it out of the bowl. Instead, dip the bread and let it soak on a plate for 3 minutes. That may be what the author of the recipe intended…we just didn’t read it that way! Also, watch out on the sugar – this recipe is sweet, so you have to be careful with your sugar counts throughout the rest of the 24-hour period.

Rachel Pauls’ Low-FODMAP Vanilla PieI have always loved vanilla, so this vanilla pie recipe caught my eye the moment I saw it. I couldn’t wait to try it…but I had to, simply because I had to test the Glutino vanilla creme cookies first (that really broke my heart, y’all! HA!). After my digestive system did just fine with those, I went for the pie. I decided to skip the suggested toppings, and instead, top the crust and filling with strawberries and blueberries for a patriotic American Memorial Day theme. It was amazing! Honestly one of the best desserts I have ever eaten in my life – low-FODMAP or not. Again, just be careful with your sugar intake for the rest of the day.

We hope today’s post gives you lots of good low-FODMAP options to try in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for more deliciousness coming your way soon!

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