Hot Ruby Punch (Low-FODMAP)

You can’t have a big holiday party without some kind of punch or cider, right?

But, boy…can they be scary for those of us on the low-FODMAP diet. So many unseen, unknown ingredients!

Never fear, my friends. As a part of my low-FODMAP appetizer series this holiday season, I’m also giving you a low-FODMAP punch recipe to serve with all those amazing appetizers!

This isn’t a recipe that I created, but it is one that I found and loved, so I wanted to share that it’s out there. When my mother and I were out shopping a few weeks ago, we found a bottle of this drink mix called Hot Ruby at a local gift shop. Per the bottle and their website, Hot Ruby is an old family recipe with a cranberry base and other citrus juices and spices mixed in for flavor (if you check the packaging, you’ll see a full list of ingredients – all low-FODMAP!). Unlike most drinks out there, Hot Ruby is made from all-natural ingredients…something that is incredibly important on the low-FODMAP diet, since most artificial additives and sweeteners are high-FODMAP.

The Hot Ruby website has a load of different recipes you can make with this drink mix – however, not all of them are low-FODMAP. The recipe I want to feature is the Hot Ruby punch we served at our family’s Thanksgiving and a Christmas caroling party this year. It tastes incredible, couldn’t be easier, and looks festive for the season! The recipe provided makes enough for about 20-25 punch cups’ worth, so plan accordingly if you need more or less. Keep in mind that you can only have half a cup of orange juice in a 24-hour period according to FODMAP limits, so don’t get too crazy with this one!

The Ingredients

All you have to do is mix your ingredients in a punch bowl and serve cold.

That’s it! A festive, tasty punch for your next holiday gathering. Enjoy!

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