Banana-Berry Blast Smoothie

The banana-berry blast smoothie is a tasty, healthy, energizing treat to start your morning or to take for a meal on-the-go, and it’s extremely easy to make (just like all the smoothie recipes I’m sharing with you!).  The only thing you’ll need to be cautious of with this recipe is the chocolate: the low-FODMAP diet calls for limitations on dark chocolate (and even more so for milk or white chocolate.  I just avoid them completely, because I can’t limit myself to that tiny amount of white chocolate!).  If you eat other chocolate throughout the day, be very careful with the amounts.

Utensils/appliances you’ll need:

  • A blender (We prefer to make ours in the Ninja Blending Cups.  This recipe is already split in half for the Ninja Cups, so be sure to double it accordingly if you need more than one recipe.)
  • Measuring cups (These are really handy…you’ll only need one measuring cup for the whole recipe.)
  • Measuring spoons

Ingredients you’ll need (add them in this order for the smoothest blending!):

  1. One tablespoon of chia seeds
  2. One teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
  3. One and a half cups unsweetened almond or coconut milk
  4. Half of a banana
  5. One cup of frozen blueberries

Just mix the ingredients in the Ninja Cups in the order listed above (and if you’re using a traditional blender, flip the order), and you’ll be ready to go!

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